Classic Wine Imports

Classic Wine Imports specializes in sales consultation and distribution of unique fine wines from both emerging and established regions throughout the world. Priding itself on the discovery of independent wine producers who exude excellence in winemaking, Classic represents an extensive collection of high-quality imported and domestic wines at various price points. With its highly-educated sales staff and fine wine-focused portfolio, the Classic team works closely with on and off-premise customers to consult and educate on fine wine offerings, trends and sales.

About Strategic Accounts Team

The Strategic Accounts team is a specialized group of sales professionals focused on managing the top 300 off-premise accounts in Massachusetts, as well as on and off-premise National Accounts. It is the only sales team to represent brands from all six Martignetti Companies selling divisions: Carolina Wine & Spirits, Century, Classic Wine Imports, Commonwealth Wine & Spirits, Connoisseur, and United. This skilled, diverse team is committed to developing effective and creative sales and marketing solutions for their customer base.