Commonwealth Wine & Spirits

The Commonwealth Wine & Spirits division is focused exclusively to the long term development of E&J Gallo's international portfolio of wine and spirits with specialzed sales teams dedicated to on and off-premise. Committed to training and education, employees experience rigorous training on the three-tier distribution system and in wine education through the Gallo Wine Academy, designed by MW/MS Doug Frost. In addition, the entire management team are Certified Wine Specialist with the Society of Wine Educators. Committed to developing consultative partnerships, they work closely with customers to maximize profit and return on investment with customized marketing and sales strategies.

About Strategic Accounts Team

The Strategic Accounts team is a specialized group of sales professionals focused on managing the top 300 off-premise accounts in Massachusetts, as well as on and off-premise National Accounts. It is the only sales team to represent brands from all six Martignetti Companies selling divisions: Carolina Wine & Spirits, Century, Classic Wine Imports, Commonwealth Wine & Spirits, Connoisseur, and United. This skilled, diverse team is committed to developing effective and creative sales and marketing solutions for their customer base.